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Hi! I’m Maxine. I’m a freelance Web Developer and WordPress Specialist.

I can help you with beautiful websites, digital marketing, email automation & lots more

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Crossed legs with notebook, coffee and laptop. What to put on your website's homepage

What to Put on Your Website’s Homepage

You might think your website’s homepage will be the easiest page to write, but it can actually be the hardest! Here’s your guide to what to put on your website’s homepage for maximum impact and success.
Desk with keyboard, mug and diary: What You Need to Build a Great Website

What You Need to Build a Great Website

If you’re keen to start creating your website, you’ve probably got some content, but what else is required and how do you put it all together? Here’s what you need to build a great website.
Signs you need a new website - Desk with computer designs

12 Signs You Need a New Website

Not sure if it’s time to redesign, replace or re-platform your business website? Here are 12 telltale signs that you’re ready for a new website.